Monday, 11 November 2013

My window view by night

This very short video should be entitled simply "My window view by night" My aim on this channel is also to share moments or just particular current state of my mind. I want give you the chance to get to know me just get to know who I am, what impresses or moves me ... Hence this video... I can spend hours on staring at that view of the city at night... The view that constantly impresses and relaxes me.

P. S. I am really thankful to my daughter for 

whom a moment of silence when being asked for is a real challenge: D But she was terribly curious what I'm doing... In addition, she has told you a little about the weather by now yelling: "Mommy it's cold!" at the moment when I opened the balcony door: D I think that it only gave a charm to that short movie and I hope you will also take it with as a smile :)


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