Thursday, 31 October 2013

7 myths about sex from women’s perspective!

Nowadays world is overloaded with numerous stereotypes and myths, especially in the so called tabu sphere, such as sex. False information about sex is available everywhere now. This post will reveal 5 most common myths concerning sex viewed from women’s point of view. Interested? Let’s begin!

Myth N⁰1 Women’s sex is always associated with a deep emotional feelings
Since centuries our world lives in the belief that every woman in order to go to bed must first love and be affiliated emotionally with her partner. However, the latest research shows that nowadays women decide to sleep with men from plenty of totally different needs than love and emotional intimacy. Some of them are really controversial, like for example desire to lose weight or increase the self-esteem!

Myth N⁰2 There has to be a man who initiate sex
It occurs that women more often initiate sex as, in fact, they think about it in a different way but the similar amount of time. The most frequently women initiate sex in an unconscious for men methods, starting it from a very begining of a day. They use indirect methods such as a smile before leaving to work or a delicious breakfast left in a fridge coated by notes with sweet words or a message send during a day, which says that somebody miss you. All of those acts bring a man to think about their women and as their imagination raise the evening finally ends up in bed.

Myth N⁰3 Men must always bring women to orgasm
According to research, about 85 % of women reported orgasm difficulties stating at the same time that they are sexually satisfied. This is easily explained by the fact that most women’s pleasure experiences connected with sex relate to the feeling of a close connection with a partner than being caused by orgasm.

Myth N⁰4 Size determines a woman’s pleasure
According to research the average lenght of penis while erect is 13 centimetres. And only 1% of asked women consider that size is an important factor that makes a difference when it comes to sexual experience. Most women agreed that it is a girth not a lenght that matters.

Myth N⁰5 Women don’t watch porn
It seems that not all women perceive a sex as a romantic act and want a gentle world of love in bed. They like pornography as men do. That's why if men thought that only they can have fantasies, they are definitely misguided! 

Surprised? It's seems that we, women, are not so innocent as we look like :D

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