Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A glass of hot water with lemon makes miracles!

What is your daily habit when you wake up every morning? Most of us would certainly answer: A cup of coffee of course! Just take a look how wrong we are thinking that coffee is the best choice... First off all, you should remember that a cup of any drink is not enough! For healthy recipes for breakfast check DIET category. However, before breakfast (at least 20 minutes) we should all change the habit and instead of a cup of coffee, choose a glass of hot water with lemon. Just check what you can get in return!

-Firstly, thanks to vitamin C the hot water with lemon strengthens our immune system and contained potassium stimulates our brain and nervous system, which helps our body and mind to loosen and relax.

-Secondly, the hot water with lemon helps in digestion by forcing our liver to produce acids required for digestion, cleaning it of toxins

-Being diuretic, hot water with lemon is useful in cleansing our whole body of toxins

-It cleanses our skin and even helps in reducing wrinkes! Thanks to vitamin C it acts like the natural antiseptic which helps to cure skin problems.

-Additionaly, such a drink freshens our breath and helps with breathing problems

-It also cleanses the intestines from food leftovers from the previous day .

-Hot water with lemon helps to treat stomach problems such as nausea , heartburn , bloating , constipation , etc.

-And last but not least... regular drinking of hot water with lemon helps to loose extra pounds!

Are you surprised? Sooo... Cheers!!!

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