Monday, 21 October 2013


Hi Guys! I will write a short note about flat or house that you live in and your pupil too, with few things that you should know about it. 

The most important thing about living with our pupil in one house i area for him. Regardless about size of our pupil. If he or she is small and when is pupil it is not makes a problem. But what we should do when dog grow up and he will be bigger and bigger? 

We HAVE TO take care about activity of our dog. Not everyone knows that even small dogs like Beaglle or Basset are hunting Dogs and the must have a lot of activity every day. Otherwise they will be make a lot of problems. Back to the our topic, activity of dog. Hov to care about it? We must know that dog need a walk a few minutes when he get up, it is something in kind of human needs. Otherwise dog will be making a hudge problem. Some people do not take a dog to walk at mornig but only after they work time. For me that bahavior is reprehensible. 

How to choose dog for our pupil to our home? It is very easy if we have got a hudge house with big garden. Every dog will be happy in that house. But how to choose if we have got a small flat in the middle of city? Research says that in this case we shoul decided to choose a Mongrel but it is also a another escape. 

We can choose whatever dog we want but there is ONE CONDITION.  We must fulfill his needs. I mean here a long or short walks and diet of course. 

All this is my opinion, you can do or do not agree with me
hope you like my note

EDIT: I would like to share with you me new viedo! Invite you to our page on youtube: HERE

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