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Keep fit & healthy, autumn is coming!


Here I will share with you my own tips how to survive during autumn. First of all, I have to write that autumn is the most beautiful off all four seasons of the year. It is for me from a plenty of reasons but the most obvious is, as always, nature. Nature is amazing in all four seasons of the year, but autumn beats all other seasons with its beauty. I mean the colourful leaves, their rustle underfoot while we are walking down the park... It’s like a magic. At the same time, this particular season forces us to deal with several difficulties. I will write about my own methods to overcome them. 

There are several different conditions which have harmful effects on us during autumn. Most of us (mostly women) are unfortunately amenable to them. I will focus on the most important factor in our life, namely our health. When it comes to autumn, both types, physical and mental are exposed to risk.

After long, warm, sunny days, suddenly appear darker and darker days, climate changes, wind blows heavier, it starts to rain. It means, that the weather conditions are worse and affects our immune system. However, there are plenty of ways how to avoid colds and flu during autumn. If I feel that I'm getting cold, I always follow those 5 proven rudiments:

1. Use all the health benefits of garlic
I know that it is bitter and its strong smell is unpleasant, but garlic is the best home method to prevent disease. Thanks to its antibacterial and antiviral properties, garlic not only harden our immunological system and help in preventing from colds, but has also other application in treatment of various diseases, such as reducing cholesterol and blood pressure, protecting heart, or improving metabolism. That's not all... it was also discovered that garlic helps in weight reducing as well! Are you convinced enough to use all the health benefits of garlic? I hope so... !

2. Pick yourself up off the couch and work out! 
It's not known just from yesterday, that exercising is crucial to keep us fit and healthy. So, if you just stop yourself from being couch potato and start working up regularly, you'll get not only better figure but also your immune function will be enhanced. Believe me, I know what I'm saying... and I'm really not a fan of hard exhausting trenings, only 15 minutes of the simple exercises in the world, can work miracles! The best idea is to use the time while you're watching your favourite series. Instead of sitting comfortable in your sofa, you can just pick yourself up off it and start working out and enjoying the movie at the same time!

3. Washing hands as the best remedy ever!  
I have to admit that I'm washing hands freak! I do it as frequent as possible but fortunately it only helps to keep me healthy. It's really important and every single doctor will tell you that it is like a MUST to wash your hands every time you come back home after using for instance the public transport, opening various door, or just shaking hands. Plenty of harmful germs are located everywhere and only water with soap can successfuly dilute them. The germs can also spread fast, so it is important to remember to not touch your face, your eyes or nose before you wash your hands and send the germs down the drain. The simplest remedy as washing hands is sometimes the best prevention.

4. Well-balanced diet
Yes, it's irritable to hear everywhere about healthy food. Every magazine contains at least one article about the importance of eating healthy food, every TV commercial tries to convince us that it is better to replace white bread with the brown one. Maybe it is not without a reason? First off all, our body needs several vitamins and minerals, so by eating, for example, only carrots we are not able to provide them to it. It is obvious that we shouldn't exaggerate about that too much, but at least try to eat consciously. I don't imagine my life without junk food but I'm aware how harmful it is. That's why I don't eat it everyday. Do you see my point? I believe that people should eat everything but they should choose their food consciously. During autumn it is advisable to eat as many vegetables as possible and the best solution are soups. They are rich in vitamins because of various vegetable they contain and they can also warm us up. I usually plan my menu for the whole week. So if I think about the main course I try to serve not only chicken (most children's favourite) but also fish, and instead of potates, sometimes rice, pasta or groats. If you are trying to balance your menu like that, you can get pizza or burgers few times in a month and it shouldn't affect your health.

5. When almost ill
Take some preventive measures for flu a day before when you feel that the disease is going to 'attack' you.

All of those ways above are helpful in my case. Anyway, not only physical health is at risk in autumn. It sometimes happen, that mainly according to worse weather conditions, our mood is getting worse and worse. During this particular season, people often easily fall into depression. I'm not going to tackle any serious mental state, because I'm not a professional. What I mean, it's a state when you feel that there is nothing which has a sense, all you want to do is to hide yourself at your home and lock the door. Such a state is naturally a little bit exaggerated, known mostly from a soap operas, because normally we've got a family and have to run our house. You have to get up, make a breakfast for your child, bring them to kindergarten etc... No matter what you have to be strong! You are a real woman! Maybe that's why children are considered as a main aim in life and as a sense in our life? You have to be strong usually for somebody else. You cannot stay in bed, because you have to feed your child and do all house chores. This is always a good point of view. Don't focus on yourself, think about your family, how important are you for them. This for sure will help you not only get up, but makes you smile in those tough days. I mean that thinking about your family is helpful in case of feeling depressed, because everyone needs to be needed and it's natural. However, it dosen't mean that you shouldn't think about yourself. Of course you should! These are again my own ways how to deal with such state:

1. Day off
If you are sure that it won't ruin your career, just call your boss and ask for a day off. Just stay home and take care of yourself. Don't bother that your hair is dirty, your clothes aren't match to themselves, or your make up is falling down. Don't try to force yourself to pimp youself out to look as a sex bomb. Instead of this, just take care of yourself like a mother cares about her little girl. Make a tea, watch your favourite movie, listen to your favourite music, write down your feelings on paper and don't care how much trivial does it sound, because it is really helpful.

2. Confide to someone close
It occurs that sometimes the best thing to stop thinking of something all the time is to say it aloud. If you have someone close you trust enough to tell your thoughts, go ahead! Your friend may surprise you that she is feeling just like you right now and also needs a support. No matter how big is your problem, if you have someone you can share it with, it's always gets smaller than you thought before.

3. Great shopping
Men often laugh that for woman shopping is a cure for everything. They don't even have idea how right are they! While drinking the mentioned tea, make a list for your shopping. Is there anything else what is able to make you go out than a new pair of jeans?

Well, those were my 8 top essentials how to keep fit & healthy during autumn. Please share your own if you have some.



At my warm autumn place

Autumn bunch of leaves...

Warm cosy jumper...

All I need is just a cup of coffee...


... or hot chocolate.. ?

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