Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The simplest... the best!!!

Since autumn is coming and winter will follow it’s the high time to go shopping for practical reason (at least once in a year... ;)). Shopping centres attract by full stocked colourful accessories of seasonal clothes. Man can get crazy having such a variety of choice. When I’m in such a condition, I know that the simplest choice will turned out to be the best. To set an example I’ll share with you my own choices for this season. Being conventional and traditional doesn’t always mean boring... Autumn and winter are mostly associated with grey colour. That’s why I’ve chosen the simplest way and bought accessories in that colour. Apart from my personal choice of accessories, you’ll find out how to match hat colours to the colour of hair and why I personally dissuade head bands.

Ready? Let’s begin!
The most wanted colours of seasonal autumn winter collections are, in fact,  colours of autumn leaves, such as: yellow, maroon, red and brown. Except those, classical grey, khaki and black, of course!

During cold seasons our hands are specially exposed to harmful weather conditions. So, as I have extremely sensitive skin, in case of gloves, the best choice for me are those made from wool.


Warm Winter Hat H&M
Scarf Cubus

Wool blend Gloves H&M



You have to also remember that all the accessories don’t have to be in one colour! It used to be fashionable like matching your bag to shoes in the same colour, but it’s not anymore. It means that we can mix different colours, especially when you’ve chosen grey or black colours like me. From time to time, a colourful mix can cheers us up when we ’re in a bad mood. This is, actually the second reason which made me to choose grey accessories. As grey colour is neutral, it matches nearly to any other colour! It’s much more safier to match grey cap with a pink scarf than, for instance, yellow cap with a pinky or any other colour scarf... Isn’t it?

And... what about wonderful warm hair bands?

Personally, I’m against them... They look goergous but firstly, they protect only our ears. All of you for sure have heard plenty of times from your parents that you need to wear a hat because you lose more heat from through your head than the rest of your body. Anyway, we lose heat from any part of our body that comes in contact wit a cold environment but our head is the part which is most often exposed to the elements during cold weather.

Which winter hats’ colours match the particular hair colour?
If you have red hair, you should choose your winter hat in the following colours: bottle green, khaki, bright blue or white. For blonde women the most suitable hat colours will be: red, black and grey. Brunettes or dark haired women should pick their winter hats in: yellow, maroon or lila.

However, those above were just for fun, the only person who is to choose is you! Break stereotypes and choose colours which make you feel comfortable and pretty!

What colours and types of accessories are you going to choose?


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