Saturday, 19 October 2013

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our blog! 
Blog is entitled 'Women's Point of View' from the very first reason as it is created by two women, who are eager to share their  advice, opinions, believes, good and worse moments in life with every single person who will ever visit this side. Our blog is for WOMEN about WOMEN and by WOMEN, which does not mean that men are not welcomed... Maybe our blog can offer an opportunity to find out how to understand women's point of view? Who knows... ;)

Anyway, our blog is divided into following categories where you will find posts on several subjects related to them:

As mentioned, blog is created by to authors. Let us introduce ourselves a little bit to you. 

Malgo 21 years old, lives in Lublin, Poland; Studies at Marie-Curie University in Lublin; Interested in fashion in a loose & casual version, as well as a healthy eating plan; Happily in love; proud owner of a cute dog named *Guzik; Well-known blogger of a personal blog htt://

"Hi Guys! As much as you love blogging and watching others blogers so I suppose you should follow our blog to be with us all the time. I can promise you that you won't regret this! Love"

Kinia 27 years old, lives in Oslo, Norway; BrEn Teacher; Interested in a loose & casual fashion form, and healthy lifestyle; Possess a wonderful family; Truly proud mum and happy wife; Known for her blog about Norway 

"Hey you! Believe that everything is possible and everyone can make their dreams come true. All you need is to make some effort and appreciate every moment of your life, forget about the past, do not focus about the future, just lead your life here and now."


Heartly invite everyone to visit and comment on our blog! Remember that in order to add a comment to the post you must first log in. Enjoy!

Kinia & Malgo

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