Saturday, 19 October 2013

Overall care of pupil

Hi Guys! Who do not have a beloved pupil,cat,dog or frog maybe? That is it ! The most of us have beloved animals but do we all know hot to care of them? Let's check !

First and the most important thing is the one question: Are we sure that we want pupil and do will have enough time for him/her? In many cases animals are as emotional as people. The have feelings ! It is true. A few years ago were some kinf of research and finding from those are one: dogs have souls!  So we should think about it as much as we can.

Another very important thing is house/flat of whatever apartment you live in. This is ver important because in whole word are animals which are unsuitable to live in closed areas. Inmy opinion dogs like Husky or German Shepherd Dog should not live flat in block. This type of dogs have to run as much as they have energy. Walking with them around block is not enought for them! But there are a small animals like cat's or dogs like Basset,Spaniel or small or medium Mongrel.

 Next problem is place were they will be sleeping. When animals are small we want to sleep with them in our bed of course.. But when they start growing up we try to teach them to sleep on dog's or cat's place which is very hard and burdensome. Pupils do not want sleep there WE teach them to sleep in our bed. So we should star teach them to sleep in their's place since they welcome in our home. I know this will be hard but this pay off, believe me !

Another problem is related with them fur or hair! In year before I survived horror abou that kind of problem. The most reason in loss hair in dogs and in PEOPLE are not enought vitamins in diet. I am trying to give my pupil a one egg to his dish every day or every other day. It pay off! Hair are strong and glossy! My mum also try go give my dog linseed oil twice in week. !

Next time I will write much more about problem no 1 indicated by me, I mean emotional care of animals. The other time I will write much more about house's problem and so on,and so on.

If you have questions please write them below!

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