Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A friend in need is a friend indeed

Hi Guys! Today I want to write about something that is really valuable in our life, namely friendship. It seems that all human beings are created in such a way that they cannot exist without a companionship. It's like a must to have someone by our side. However, nowadays where we are occupied with loads of social network services, like for instance Facebook, and collect friends. It's not more than just adding other users as friends! But do they deserve to be called like that? Would they act as a really friend when we really needed them? That's certainly only a rhetorical question, because we all know that most of the "so-called" friends from social networks wouldn't even recognize us in the street! 

That's why any time somebody I've never even spoken to wants me on facebook to become their "friend" I just get sick of it! I suppose that most of you have a real friend and are aware of the value of having them. First we make friends in our childhood and they are mostly chosen automatically as it depends on where we live, where is our neighbourhood. When we grow up, start attend school, we make friends who are more likely as we are. But finally we start running our own families, move out and then start to make new friends again at our workplace. The process is obvious and noone can deny it. However, it often occurs that friends come and go, but those we made friendship in a childhood stay for forever.  That, actually happened in my personal life and even though we made lots of friends in school years, then at workplace, new neighbourhood, and even though now we leave in two different countries, we are still close to each other. That's a real friend, the only one person who doesn't judge you, who is always by your side. As according to the well-known quotation by Elbert Hubbard- "A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you". I totally agree with that! Nothing, kilometres, or rare meeting neither, do not stop us to get in touch, know what's going on in our lifes, or just to support and understand each other. That's really amazing and just outstanding to have someone who cheers you up when you're down, who gives you support whatever how exorbitant your dreams are, who always helps you to put your feet in the right place. I have such a friend, we've known each other for 25 years old. (Since I was 2 year-old kid!) Can you believe in that??

This post is for her. I love you girl <3 Stay always the way you are. 

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