Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Dog's teeth hygiene

Hi Guys! I decide that I will write to you today about hygiene of our dog because many of you do not know to do this. 
Enjoy !

First and the most important thing is mouth hygiene ! In my life I met only with few persons who knows about it but they do not know hot to do it. Funny huh? But true.
About third year of dog appears something on dog's teeth. What is it? It is evil tartar. Our dog will be live with him for all live since that moment. We can fight with him in many ways. There are people who cleans dog's teeth with special brush to to dog's teeth. Brush looks similar to human's brush but it has got longer handle. There are also special toothpaste. We CAN NOT clean dog's teeth with our ( human ) toothpaste!!! It is ver important !

Second way to fight with tartar is dog's snacks "DentaStix" by Pedigree. Dogs love this snack, for sure ! My dog can do anything for Dentastix. What it is? It has been made for abrasion tartak from dog's teeth. By special sharp shapes dogs is cleaning his teeth. Unfavorable is that we can give to our dog only 2 snacks daily...

 Third and the most horrible way is: CLEANING MECHANICAL IN OUR VETERINARY SURGEON.
This type of intervention is doing in total anesthesia by ultrasound. Veterinary surgeons says that is painless and quick !

So if I could tell my way to clean of my dog's teeth I would recommend second way. It is painless and tasty !!
Hope you like my note,

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