Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Best song ever...

Malgo suggested new category Music so I decided also to write something what Im keen on when it comes to music. I have to admit that when I was a teenage girl I was also deeply in love with... 

... Backstreet Boys. Ehh... Those were the days! :D And Britney Spears is an worldwide pop icon and I can sign under this with no hesitation. I like Rihanna’s some lyrical ballads, she sounds really good, however, in the face of Billboard Music Awards live show, where both played Rihanna’s hit ”S&M” Britney beats Rihanna in her own song! Rihanna was trying to sound good by usage of all the styles and metaphores whereas Britney just appeared and sang so straight and it was enough to sound perfectly good. Actually, after Britney being feature into this song, it got in top charts. Now it’s my daughter’s current favourite song :D Listen to one of her newest song! "Perfume"!
I think that I’ll write more about my music inspirations. Maybe right now I can’t say who’s my favourite artist
or band, because I feel music more by separate songs, which are catchy and caught my ear off. However, I have one song, which is timeless and eternal form me. The best song ever that I never get tired of is ”I’ll be missing you” (Puff Daddy/Faith Evans). However, everyone who knows all the legends connected with this song, may hate or love it depending what they believe.
If you’re interested in what I’ve already listened to, here you are: ”Young & Beautiful” – Lana Del Rey.

See you around ;) 

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