Monday, 18 November 2013

Favorite music ? Yes !

Hello and what's up Guys !I woke up today and i thought that we should make here a tab about music. Everyone likes music, right? First note in this tab will be about my favorite artists. 

Since I remeber I fall in love with Backstreet Boys cause my sisters were listenig them for all days many years ago.One of my sister's was in love with Nick but I was not worse. My heart was belonged to Nick's brother Aaron haha :) I was ver,very young but I believed that I will be Aarons's girlfriend one day..

So it's been a long time I am listenig them still. My favorite song by them is The One. If you never had pleasure of listenig them I would like you to invite you to listen only one song, you will be fascinated theirs voices !!!

I am sure that every girl in world want to be like Britney Speras !!! I remeber that I was dancing on my bed with cucumber imagining that I am Brit and I am on one's of my show. It was so funny.
 She made her debut as teenager. She was young, fit and beautiful girl from USA. Who do not want to have a girl like her?
If I have to choose one's of her sings that I love with the most I would had a huuuudge problem ! The old song of Britney was so good...
I know ! I wolud choose Baby One More Time!

Another of my favorite atrist is Honorata HONEY Skarbek. I herad her a year ago in track Runaway. I like her voice but I do not like her as a human. In my opinion she is not herself as she provide she is. Her song are in polish and english language so we can choose which version of song we prefer. My favorite song is Nie Powiem Jak.

Also I love acoustic versions of these artists, even thi stype of versions by Justin Bieber. I do not like normal version od his trakcs, I thing he is not mature enough to make GOOD music. But acoustic versions Downo to earth (acoustic)  by Justin Bieber.
are very,very, good. My favorite song?

in next note I will write more of my favorite atrists and I will try to show you my  favorite music players,

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