Friday, 8 November 2013

Trying to understand a woman... (?!)

A few days ago, one of my workmate told me about a picture he'd seen. It illustrated a plane cockpit with plenty of controls which were to indicate how many various faces have women and men. For men there were only two: ON and OFF, and for women - the rest of buttons. I know that there are loads of similar pics on the Internet and so many stereotypes concerning women's complicated nature in comparison to the men's one. But... then he asked me how many different types of women I am. Hmm... I couldn't answer the question precisely, and maybe it's a proof that the picture of the plane cockpit is correct? So... how it's really going with us women? 

I will try to give my opinion on trying to understand a woman, but, remember this will be only from my personal perspective ;) I can't say in the name of all of us, since you've already known that's how many women so many opinions ;) So, go through it and enjoy! 
First of all, I must say that I believe that women are complex creatures, but at the same time I think that men are not so simple as they claim... 
Secondly, I think that the biggest difference between women and men is the existance of instinct which most women have while most men haven't. It's a little bit complicated and sounds like a paradox but I think that's really truth what Oscar Wilde said about it: "Women have a wonderful instinct about things. They can discover everything except the obvious". Ok, right, here men can laugh... But! It also says in some kind that men can see only obvious! I was told several times even by my husband that I see things which don't exist. It concerned my notice of a girl who really fancied him in a obvious way, but of course he didn't notice it! Such situation happened several times, when for instance, few girls noticed simultaneously that a particular girl is interested in a particular guy but he wasn't aware of it! When it comes to women, they know it at once that there is a glimpse of interest and something between when they just face the particular man.This makes me to state that women can see more, can see things between lines, nothing is only black and white. This for sure makes us complicated! Real women can distinguish and feel also other people's intention, as well as, judge basing on the first impression which often occurs finally to be not misleading. That's what instinct is all about. Moreover, women usually experience everything more intensively. Being in love they're going crazy whenever the man appears on the horizon. The only presence of the ONE guy can paralyze them and they are not able to be themselves. They simple get crazy! Another thing is that women have a constant tendency to think, imagine, visualize and analyze things, women are champions in this! We analyze your (men's) every single word, every single touch and every single behaviour. Soooo watch out!! ;D 
Additionaly, I highly recommend all of  you (especially men) an article on 10 Reasons Why Women Are So Complicated

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