Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Typical Polish dish

Today I want to present a typical Polish dish. the most often served as a second course. Such cutlets are the best known and popular second course and served also as one of the most frequently dishes at every Polish home. If you want to taste it, just follow my simple recipe. 

There are of course so many different recipes for cutlets and each family makes them as it used to be made at their family homes since ages. My recipe is based on my mum's recipe. Cutlets are served usually with cooked potatoes, but all kinds of groats also match them perfectly. To complete the dish, you can add actually what you want, salads, cooked vegetables, beets or sauerkraut. As you can see in the photo on the left, I served my cutlets with couscous and two types of sauerkraut, red and white.


500 g pork or beef meat/or mix of those two types
1 onion
1 egg
3-4 slices of bread
1 tbsp vegeta spice
salt, pepper
bread crumbs


1. Grind meat or use already grinded
2. Cut the onion in small cubes
3. Add carefully squeezed bread (previously soaked in water)
4. Add spices
5. Form 8-10 cutlets
6. Dredge cutlets in bread crumbs and fry both sides (3-5 minutes each)

Good luck :)

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