Thursday, 19 December 2013

Shiny Hair... Aloe and hair care!

Each of us dreams about glossy hair we know from the TV commercials or red carpets! Nowadays nearly each of us dyed hair and weakened it. To set en example I don't have to look for long as I'm the best example myself. 

I've dyed my hair since I was 14-15 years old. Now, I'm 27 so I've dyed my hair countless times. My hair should be naturally died out and became a cotton if I wouldn't use hair conditioners. I had all possible colours on my head. Currently my hair has changed from dark black into bright blonde. It's lost its natural shine many years ago, but, fortunately, I can make it glossy by specialy manufactured products. 
From my rich experience of dying hair, also at home. So if you want to do it at home, I can advise you telling that firstly you should always do the test before each time you dye your hair and always put a hair conditioner after you do it. Usually the conditioner is included with the dye product that should be applied. Remember to use it, if it's not applied, you can use any conditioner you have at home and always rinse it with cool water! 
If you're dying your hair often, you should use a hair conditioner made for dry or dyed hair. A good conditioner is not only helpful after dying to soften and moisture your hair, but it's also advisable to condition hair deeply a month before dying to maintain the colour fresher and longer! 
If you really want to get a shiny effect, you should choose a hair conditioner containing aloe vera. It's the
safest way to make your hair soft, shiny and simply looking healthy. Aloe Vera as a conditioning treatment can be use for all hair types. There are plenty of recipes how to make such a deep aloe vera conditioner at home. You can of course get one in chemist or pharmacy. 

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